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Ten Key Ideas

Beginner, Continuing Education
Russ Roberts's guide to ten fundamental economic ideas. If you are looking for a clear, easy-to-read introduction to what economics is all about, puzzled by economics ideas bandied about in the press, or want to know where to begin finding intriguing materials on this website, start here! MORE

EconTalk Podcast Listening Guides

High School, Continuing Education
Listening Guides to accompany selected EconTalk podcasts. These printable guides contain questions for thought and classroom use. Appropriate for high school level and up. MORE

College Economics Topics

College, Continuing Education
Suggested supplementary links and excerpts to accompany college economics textbook and class material taught in Principles, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics courses. Intended for college teachers, college students, and anyone interested in post-graduate self-education. MORE

High School Economics Topics

High School, Continuing Education
Suggested links and excerpts to augment the 51 key High School concepts recommended by the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE). Each page includes basic definitions, examples and items in the news, historical references, and advanced readings. Intended for high school teachers, high school students, home-schoolers, and anyone interested in post-graduate self-education. MORE

Topics in the Encyclopedias

High School, Continuing Education, Grad School
Two encyclopedias are available on Econlib.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics features articles by Ph.D. economists including professors and Nobel Prize winners. Includes 80 biographies of famous economists with a focus on explaining their contributions. Intended for teachers, college and advanced high school students, home-schoolers, and anyone interested in post-graduate self-education. SHOW TOPICS
The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States, edited by John J. Lalor, was written in the late 1800s--at the height of the marginal revolution in economics. It contains over 1000 articles on political and economic science. Many of the articles were written by contributors who were or later became well-known. SHOW TOPICS
Suggested links, articles, and book reviews intended for college graduates, graduate students, and college teachers. MORE