A Treatise on Political Economy

Jean-Baptiste Say
Say, Jean-Baptiste
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C. R. Prinsep, trans. and Clement C. Biddle., ed.
First Pub. Date
Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co.,
Pub. Date
6th edition. Based on the 4th-5th editions.
Table of Contents
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Book I Of the Production of Wealth.
I.I Of What Is To Be Understood by the Term, Production.
I.II Of the Different Kinds of Industry, and the Mode in Which They Concur in Production.
I.III Of the Nature of Capital, and the Mode in Which It Concurs in the Business of Production.
I.IV On Natural Agents That Assist in the Production of Wealth, and Specially of Land.
I.V On the Mode in Which Industry, Capital, and Natural Agents Unite in Production.
I.VI Of Operations Alike Common To All Branches of Industry.
I.VII Of the Labour of Mankind, of Nature, and of Machinery Respectively.
I.VIII Of the Advantages and Disadvantages Resulting From Division of Labour, and of the Extent To Which It May Be Carried.
I.IX Of the Different Methods of Employing Commercial Industry, and the Mode in Which They Concur in Production.
I.X Of the Transformations Undergone by Capital in the Progress of Production
I.XI Of the Formation and Multiplication of Capital.
I.XII Of Unproductive Capital
I.XIII Of Immaterial Products, Or Values Consumed At the Moment of Production.
I.XIV Of the Right of Property.
I.XV Of the Demand or Market for Products.
I.XVI Of the Benefits Resulting From the Quick Circulation of Money and Commodities.
I.XVII Of the Effect of Government Regulations Intended To Influence Production.
I.XVIII Of the Effect Upon National Wealth, Resulting From the Productive Efforts of Public Authority.
I.XIX Of Colonies and Their Products.
I.XX Of Temporary and Permanent Emigration, Considered in Reference To National Wealth.
I.XXI Of the Nature and Uses of Money.
I.XXII Of Signs Or Representatives of Money.
Book II Of the Distribution of Wealth.
II.I Of the Basis of Value; and of Supply and Demand.
II.II The Sources of Revenue.
II.III Of Real and Relative Variation of Price.
II.IV Of Nominal Variation of Price, and of the Peculiar Value of Bullion and of Coin.
II.V Of the Manner in Which Revenue Is Distributed Amongst Society.
II.VI Of What Branches of Production Yield the Most Liberal Recompense To Productive Agency.
II.VII Of the Revenue of Industry
II.VIII Of the Revenue of Capital.
II.IX Of the Revenue of Land.
II.X Of the Effect of Revenue Derived by One Nation From Another.
II.XI Of the Mode in Which the Quantity of the Product Affects Population.
Book III Of the Consumption of Wealth.
III.I Of the Different Kinds of Consumption.
III.II Of the Effect of Consumption in General
III.III Of the Effect of Productive Consumption.
III.IV Of the Effect of Unproductive Consumption in General.
III.V Of Individual Consumption—Its Motives and Its Effects.
III.VI On Public Consumption
III.VII Of the Actual Contributors To Public Consumption.
III.VIII Of Taxation.
III.IX Of National Debt.
Footnotes (Book I)
Footnotes (Books II-III)
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